March 21, 2013

Paktakun is a literary form shared by the Western visayan people which is an Old kinaray-a (dialect). It is an example of a Visayan riddle. Let me give you some of these tongue-twisting stuffs! The following paktakun has anonymous writers or authors. Enjoy!

1. “Pirmi lang gapasirong pay basa man dyapon.”

   English: :”Always sheltered but still wet.”

Answer:dila, tongue


2. “Ini sa may liog pay wala sing ulo,may lawas pay wala sing busong.”

   English: “It has neck but no head,it has body but no belly.”

   Answer: botelya, bottle


3. “Ang utot sang amo indi madakptan sang kamot.”

   English: “The  monkey’s fart cannot be grabbed by the hand.”

Answer: aso, smoke


4. “Kung hikapon ara pay kung balikdon nadula.”

English: “When touched its there, but when you look, it vanished.”

Answer: talinga, ears


5.  “Kapti ikog ko,malangoy ako.”

English: “Grab my tail,I will swim.”

Answer: kutsara, spoon