Dr. Felipe Landa Jocano

March 21, 2013


Born in Cabatuan Iloilo City,February 5, 1930, the son of a farmer Eusibio Jocano and Anastacia Landa.”Pepe” as his family calls him is the 9th of eleven children.In his  childhood he attended local public  school.He finished his secondary education at Arellano High School,Manila.He then returned to Iloilo to pursue his college studies at Central Phillipine University,Iloilo City as a work student,Dr.Jocano has engaged in field researches on various Philippine linguistic groups.Dr. Jocano is married to Adria Payad and they have 2 children,Felipe Jr. and Elizabeth.

     Dr.Jocano’s  experience as a writer,started in 1947,when he became a staff member of Manila Chronicle.He was a columnist of Veritas (A Catholic weekly paper)in 1955-58;a contributing editor of Philippine Geographical Journal (Manila),1969;editorial representative(advisory council) Sociological Abstract (New York),1968 and correspondant,International Social Science Journal(Paris,UNESCO),1971.He has published numerous articles in professional journals and among his books are:The Sulod Society, EPIC OF PANAY HINILAWOD:ADVENTURES OF HUMADAPNON (TARANGBAN I)& THE EPIC OF LABAW DONGGON,Filipino Cultural Heritage(ed.),Outline Philippine Mythology,Growing Up in the Phil. Barrio and Our Living Past.

      One of his contribution to the Hiligaynon Literature is his book entitled THE EPIC OF PANAY HINILAWOD:ADVENTURES OF HUMADAPNON (TARANGBAN I)& THE EPIC OF LABAW DONGGON.




     This book is chanted by Hugun-an;recorded and translated into English by F.Landa Jocano.

        “Hinilawod” is one of the longest epic poems found among the Sulod,a group of people inhabating the interior mountains of Central Panay.F.L.J recorded this story from 1955-1957,transcribed it in 1958,and translated it into English in 1959.That was almost 45 yrs ago.He never touched it until 1995,when he retired from th University of the Philippines.Also,after his lengthened residence in the area in the late 1950’s,he visited the Sulod land only twice—first during school break(April-June)in 1968 and then  during the schoolbreak 1974.Since then,he have not visited the place.Thus,when he speak of the Sulod,he refer it to the the groups of people among which he lived in 1955-1957,1968,and 1974.

      This book is part of a series of Sulod epic poetry,collectively called “Hinilawod”.It is first of three in the Tarangaban episode comprising the Humadapnon adventures.It is about the hero’s search for the beautiful women Nagmalitona Yawa.She was revealed to him in a dream by his spirit friends  Taghuy and Duwindi.This woman lived in a place somewhere near in the mouth of the Halawod river.Along the way,however,he was enticed by a group of enchantress,led by Lubay Hanginon,into passin by their abode,the cave of Tarangban.Humadapnon was imprisoned in this cave for seven years.


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